Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's about Positivity and Self Belief

Like thousands of other girls out there I spent so much of my growing up years comparing myself to everyone else, I would look in the mirror and not really see myself how I was!

Just recently I had a really big realisation, I currently weigh 9st 4lb and am a comfortable size 8 which for my height is perfect, however I used to weigh 8st 4lb for years!! However tiny was I? ?? I mean I honestly used to see myself so differently to how I really was, I hated my bum, my thighs, my stomach (I had a 6 pack!) I even criticised my face, all because I believed I needed to be something else to fit in and feel excepted, beautiful even.

It all falls down to what we believe is normal, what our ideals should be and self confidence. We see image after image of supposedly perfect people, what defines them as perfect though?? And why should we aspire to be just like them? Why do we not look at ourselves and see amazing instead of dowdy?

I really have changed my perspective so much since starting my Younique Journey. And how have I done that I know many of you will be thinking right about now, it was kind of by accident at first, then it was revelation and then it became a mindset. I was trying to gain interest in my new adventure by finding images of my amazing Y Sisters and their incredible results and sharing them, well this was a epic fail to say the least. You see it isn't all about showing how amazing everyone could look or feel it was about showing how amazing I felt and the results I felt so pleased with, ladies and men even, like to see a average person who isn't perfect showing confidence and how anyone can look and feel just as amazing.

I realised that nobody wanted to see perfect! Everyone would rather see someone who isn't perfect but is still celebrating their own beauty.

My favourite feature by far is my eyes, I know that may not be something amazing to you but seriously I do I love my eyes, I love how expressive we can be with our eyes. I have great skin, I am fairly lucky that I don't tend to get nasty breakouts, I think my Dimples are cute! And well at the moment I am happy with my weight.

This is what I have started doing everyday, finding at least one feature of myself I like! I am keeping myself positive and setting myself goals to help me feel great, everyday I try to give praise and Uplift another person whether they are male, female, a child or an elderly person we all deserve to feel appreciated as this is what gives us confidence as a person.

Too many people are quick to pass judgement and make cruel comments, all it takes is one small gesture to make that persons day and help them see themselves as amazing, if I see a girl who has posted a selfie, I like it!! I say to her how beautiful she is and wow go girl because that took confidence and bottle to share that with the world.

If you do nothing else today, just take the time to pay a compliment to someone and see how much of a difference it makes to them, find a feature that you love about yourself, take a selfie and share it with your friends to celebrate being You!

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