Sunday, 7 February 2016

Welcome Lovelies.

So let me start by introducing myself and what this blog is all about.

I am Ruth, I am Wife to my very patient and understanding husband James, We have 4 very beautiful and individual children that I adore even when they drive me insane!

Although over the years I have had many successful jobs and dipped into various different careers I have never felt fully happy or necessarily confident in myself and my abilities.

In July of 2015 I wasn't in a very good place, I had been Made redundant due to lack of work as we were over staffed, last in 1st out!
My Husband had been laid off the previous year due to a back injury and was struggling to find work. Then something caught my eye! I was on the look out for cheap but good make up as I was running low. My friend was advertising this amazing kit for a super good deal so I thought yeah why not, besides it did say that I don't have to become a presenter I could be a Kitnapper!

Rather than feel like a pratt for signing up to something and then realise I had to pay for the discount I decided that I should really read up about this 'Younique' whom I had just made a agreement with. It's was a massive eye opener, literally! They have a foundation that they set up raising money for abused women, they have rehabilitation plans and a retreat for the ladies to heal and receive the help and support they need. They also have another foundation they have set up for children who are abused and mistreated. They use their products to make sales which contribute to the foundation to help these ladies and children.

I researched the other presenters and looked at who they were, mums, college students, lawyers, therapists, teachers and many many other various careers which in some cases really surprised me, I mean if serious professionals were finding time for this then me a mum of 4 could achieve it too right!!

When I Kit finally arrived I felt like a kid at Christmas!! The products are amazing quality and you only ever need a tiny amount! But the best part for me was how amazing I felt as the results were astounding!

I went through my phone recently and was actually shocked to find I hadn't taken a selfie or that I was even in any pictures with my children for over 2 yrs, Younique encourage you as a presenter to show yourself, your own beauty and how the products can make you feel so much more confident in yourself!!

That's how my Obsession began and it's been a crazy journey for me so far, putting myself out there and taking myself out of my comfort zone has helped build my Confidence in myself and my abilities!

To me Younique is so much more than Mascara, it's Uplifting, Empowering and Validating!!

I hope through my Blog I can inspire other beYOUtiful women!!


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